Rather than extension, reasoning, determination from one side to the other side, to construct/open a place for act/moment from which those relations arise. From there, that outside makes inside while inside makes outside, object becomes subject while subject becomes object, passiveness changes into activeness and activeness changes into passiveness, it is expressed while recreating and expressing while recreated, it is already in the movement, is creation and everyday life is creation.



Toshiyuki Horie
Born in 1978, and he has made ontology-oriented musical instruments as a framework before now, including “an audio mixer which give the effect of sound”, “a rhythm sequencer to have experience of bodily randomization”, “ZURE-MOKUGYO”, “Draw ◯ as they are”, and “Standing while being interposed”. The album has been release by GENSEIRECORDS. http://genseirhythm.info